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The Top 3 Wrecks on pjurDive

Updated: Nov 5

Where are the best wrecks for diving? Here, you will find our top 10!

Find the best wreck diving destinations on pjurDive

What are the best wrecks for a dive? - We have selected the 3 best of al wreck-destinations. The dive spots are characterized by different underwater worlds and biodiversity, making every wreck a unique experience and a must-see.

The top 3

  1. The Iro Maru - Palau's most popular war wreck which is totally covered with soft corals.

  2. Jake Seaplane - This wreck is an old Aiche E13A seaplane and still in a good condition!

  3. King Cruiser - This ship is the home for soft corals as well as snapper, fusiliers and other fishes.

So let's find your perfect wreck or diving destination on!

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