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  • Jana Weidner

The Top 3 Wrecks on pjurDive

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Where are the best wrecks for diving? Here, you will find our top 10!

Find the best wreck diving destinations on pjurDive

What are the best wrecks for a dive? - We have selected the 3 best of al wreck-destinations. The dive spots are characterized by different underwater worlds and biodiversity, making every wreck a unique experience and a must-see.

The top 3

  1. The Iro Maru - Palau's most popular war wreck which is totally covered with soft corals.

  2. Jake Seaplane - This wreck is an old Aiche E13A seaplane and still in a good condition!

  3. King Cruiser - This ship is the home for soft corals as well as snapper, fusiliers and other fishes.

So let's find your perfect wreck or diving destination on!

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