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  • Jana Weidner

The Most Spectular Dive Sites

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

In this blog post we want to present you the most spectacular dive sites on this planet

Blue Heron Bridge

This dive site called „Blue Horn Bridge“ offers you a weird marine life. You can find there flying gurnards, bangtail sea robins and striated frogfish in only 12 feet of water. Make sure to time the dive for high tide.

Darwin's Arch

The Darwin’s Arch is the best dive site if you’re looking for big animals. There are massive whale sharks, turtles, galapagos and tiger sharks as well as moray eels, eagle rays and schooling hammerheads.

Half Moon Caye

At the Half Moon Caye Wall in Belize it is possible to do a wall dive and to see eagle rays, loggerhead turtles or tarpons. The dive will be a curse through the warren of caves and swim-throughs that is the habitat of groupers, barracudas, moray eels rosy razorfish, conch and garden eels.

Tiger Beach

This dive site is in the middle of the sea and less than 20 feet deep. It is possible to see there big tiger sharks with the vivid trademark stripes, which come in after the bait box is placed on the seabed. In direct contrast to the tiger sharks there are a lot of hyperactive lemon sharks

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