aqua med

Sport diving is loved by many people all over the world. However, when submerging, not everyone bears in mind that there are also risks associated with diving (as there are with any type of sport). If an accident happens, the resulting costs are often very high and usually have to be paid out of your own pocket. Few insurance policies cover the treatment of diving accidents (decompression sickness) in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatment can become very expensive and many diving bases require evidence of coverage in the event of loss with corresponding confirmation of cost coverage. In some countries, such as Spain, divers who do not have appropriate evidence of insurance are not allowed in the water.

This is why it is important to have a partner such as aqua med on your side to arrange everything in the worst case scenario. From emergency management to meeting costs.

The advantage of the aqua med dive card :

  • Unlimited worldwide coverage of costs for hyperbaric treatment: In the event that hyperbaric chamber treatment becomes necessary, four-figure and in extreme cases even five-figure sums are raised quickly in addition to any necessary hospital, accommodation and transport costs.

  • aqua med doctors help with language barriers: Multilingual doctors with good knowledge of the country and many years of experience.

  • Comprehensive sport diving insurance: No matter which association you belong to, all internationally recognised Sport diving procedures are covered.

  • Personal liability insurance for divers: This personal liability insurance is an obligation in some countries (e.g. in Spain). As a dive card possessor you comply even with this legal requirement.
  • Comprehensive travel health insurance: Irrespective of diving, all other illnesses and injuries are also covered with us on journeys abroad lasting up to 56 days.

  • A point of contact for everything: Whether for medical questions, emergency organisations or clarification of costs, you have ONE point of contact for everything.

Additional Advantages of aqua med dive Card:

  • With the dive card you always have your personal doctor at your side – without having to go through a call centre: You will get immediate and direct professional emergency management or advice as and when you need it from our doctors – all by telephone without having to wait on hold or for a call back.
  • Independent assistance: We do not act on behalf of an insurance Company.
  • Meeting medically reasonable costs: We don’t only meet “medically necessary” costs but also “medically reasonable” ones! There is a very important distinction here: if you undergo a successful operation following an accident abroad, return transport is no longer necessary but nevertheless reasonable!
  • Storing medical data: Our customers can choose to provide us with their medical data for emergency situations. This allows risks (i.e. with blood transfusions) to be avoided or essential time to be gained in emergencies.
  • Automatic contract renewal: Your contract renews automatically: you do not have to re-apply each year. In addition, you have a very short cancellation period of just two weeks.