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From a geographical perspective, Turkey is located on two continents: Asia and Europe. The coasts of Turkey are located on the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. About 78.7 million inhabitants live in Turkey on a total area of 783,562 km2. The capital is Ankara and the official language is Turkish. Turkey is in the time zone UTC +3 hours.




Turkey offers numerous interesting dive sites, which divers can explore according to their experiences. In the crystal-clear underwater world of Kas is the diving spots Kanyon or the Flying Fish. A highlight at Bodrum is the deserted island of Kargi, which lures with spectacular rocks and currents. These include Asterina, the yellow-throated bream, the horseshoe to the sea-dwellers. Another worthwhile dive site is the Schmall Reef, which is characterized by a clear water and a species-rich underwater world. But also in the regions around Marmaris and Ayvalik divers can look forward to a magnificent underwater world.

Diving in Turkey is varied. The overgrown reefs, cliffs, caves and canyons are full of life. During dives you can admire perch, moray barracuda, ink and parrot fish. The best conditions for diving in Turkey are in the months March to October.

Suitable for beginners and advanced.



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Canakkae is a small harbor town on the Asiatic coast of the Dardanelles (a Mediterranean seam that connects the Agaeis with the Marmarame) and is an ideal starting point for diving trips. The Dardanelles offer, besides different ecosystems, some very interesting diving spots. The underwater world is characterized by a cold water surface and a warm sea depth and offers a diversified underwater landscape. In addition to a variety of wrecks, divers can also marvel at nail rides.

Dive Sites


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Kas is a small town on the Mediterranean and a popular region to dive into the underwater world of Turkey. Kas offers around 30 dive sites with a variety of attractions and a beautiful marine fauna and flora. In this way, dive-dwellers can dive in the crystal-clear waters of the region through overgrown reefs, impressive steep walls, caves, aphoric fields and wrecks, admiring a variety of different fishes. Among the sea inhabitants are groupers, barracudas, sea hares, octopuses and sea turtles. At the Kanyon dive site, divers will be able to explore an aircraft wreck at a depth of up to 42 m, where a variety of shells, sponges, crabs and anemones have found their home. There is also another shipwreck in the depth of this dive site. Another great spot is the "Flying Fish". Flying fish is a reef where divers find nail ridges and the fake Karrett turtle also rare brown & white grouper.

Dive Sites


Turkey is characterized by different climate zones. In the holiday areas around the Mediterranean and in the Aegean Sea you can find a Mediterranean climate, a more temperate climate affects the regions around Marmara and the Black Sea is dominated by an oceanic climate. Temperatures in the summer months are around 30 degrees.


The best travel time for Turkey is from May to October.

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